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Become a surf lifeguard

Become a surf lifeguard

Surf Lifesaving New Zealand There are 73 surf lifesaving clubs around the country. Joining one and training to be a surf lifeguard will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to stay safe at the beach, keep others safe, and rescue others in trouble.

The benchmark qualification is the Surf Lifeguard Award. This is the qualification that all surf lifeguards must hold to patrol on New Zealand’s beaches.

To gain your Surf Lifeguard Award you need to first join a Surf Life Saving Club. You will be taught first aid, resuscitation, practical rescue skills and you must complete a 400m swim within the time limit. The club will provide the training and equipment you need to learn the skills to be ready to sit the examination.

The exam tests both the practical and theoretical lifesaving knowledge that you have been taught. Exams are run throughout the summer so as soon as you are ready, you can put your learning to the test.

Once you have achieved your Surf Lifeguard Award you can become part of your club's lifeguard patrol team and a whole world of opportunities are available to you. You can continue to develop your Lifeguard skills through programmes to develop you in areas such as first aid or driving inflatable rescue boats.

For contact details of your nearest Surf Life Saving Club, find a club on the SLSNZ website.

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