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Patrolled Beaches

Always swim between the flags

Patrolled beaches are the safest place to swim, because surf lifeguards will have identified the safest spot on the beach, and placed their flags to indicate where this is. Always swim between the flags. Find a Beach will help you locate patrolled beaches.

If the surf lifeguards have their flags crossed on the beach, it means there is no safe place to swim. Follow their advice and don’t go into the water.

Patrolled area

What do I do if I get into trouble?

Surf lifeguards on patrol will be on the lookout for people who need help. If you are in trouble, keep calm and raise your hand in the air. This is the signal to the lifeguards to say ‘I need help’. When they spot you, surf lifeguards will swim to you with a rescue tube or approach in an inflatable rescue boat (IRB). Listen to their instructions and follow them carefully. Try not to panic – if you grab the lifeguard you may put them at risk too.

In trouble?

Take responsibility

Surf lifeguards are your backup plan. If you’ve taken the time to follow the Water Safety Code chances are you won’t need rescuing. Make sure you’ve followed the simple rules so you are prepared.

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